Are Your Favorite Marketing Apps 508 Compliant?

You might love your favorite marketing applications, but do they meet Section 508 standards? Section 508 compliance is not just for your users; it also allows your employees with disabilities to use your marketing tools.

You can evaluate products and services for Section 8 compliance. Here’s how:

Step 1: Do a web search for the VPAT.

Often, you can get the information you need with a simple web search. Just search for your product name and VPAT (or Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).

VPATs are written by the companies who have developed the product or service. The VPAT provides information on how the product or service claims to meet Section 508 standards.

Researching a certain product but don’t see a VPAT online? Contact the company and ask them to provide one.

Step 2: Read the VPAT.

Just because a company has a VPAT does not mean they meet every single standard of Section 508 compliance. Review the document to ensure it matches what your company needs.

Your company might prioritize certain accessibility features over others. Reading the VPAT allows you to determine if a product is a good fit.

Step 3: Test the product or service.

If a vendor claims to provide certain accessibility features, test that the product actually works the way they claim. Additionally, verify that the VPAT is for the version you have purchased. Some updates can make a product or service more (or less) accessible.