Convince Your Boss that 508 Compliance is Necessary

You understand that accessibility and Section 508 compliance are essential for your website. The problem? You’re not the decision-maker at your company.

Help your boss see that increasing your website’s accessibly isn’t just the right thing to do: it’s also great for your bottom line.

If your website is not accessible:

You’re missing out on the purchasing power of people with disabilities.

  • Nearly 20% of Americans have a disability.
  • 54% of adults with a disability use the internet.
  • They represent a $247 billion disposable income.

You’re missing out on loyalty from people with disabilities—as well as their friends and family members.

  • Almost 21 million families have at least one member with a disability.
  • 62% of people with disabilities say they are likely to do business with companies that have a commitment to diversity and equal treatment of employees.
  • The friends and families of people with disabilities have a disposable income of $2.4 trillion.

You’re missing out on more people than you think.

  • 9% of adults say they have serious difficulty hearing.
  • 7% of adults say they are blind or have serious difficulty seeing.
  • 2% of adults say they have a disability or illness that makes it difficult or impossible to use the internet.

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